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Radiesse® Las Vegas

An Article on Radiesse by Dr. Mogler

Radiesse is not a stranger to medicine. For more than twenty years, Radiesse has been used in orthopedics, dentistry, otolaryngology and urology. It is FDA approved and used to help patients with vocal cord paralyssis, crushed bone injuries and to radiographically mark soft body tissues during surgical procedures. In December 2006 Radiesse was FDA approved specifically for the correction of nasolabial folds (the creases that extend from the corner of the nose to the corner of the mouth) and facial lipoatrophy (loss of fat).

What is Radiesse? The main component of Radiesse is synthetic calcium hydroxlapatite, which is the promary mineral found in bones and teeth. Radiesse is a biocompatible (compatible with human body) and biodegradable (dissolves in the body) material. No skin testing is required.

How does Radiesse work? Once injected, Radiesse immediately adds fullness to the face, giving visible results after the first treatment session. You may be able to feel the area where Radiesse was injected for a few weeks, and it slowly changes to feel more like your own tissue.

How long does it last? In many patients the results can last over a year, although these results may vary.

What are the side effects? Does it hurt? Will I bruise? In an ideal world, we want no pain with much gain. However any medical procedure requires us to be a bit more realistic. Every injectable substance is a foreign material, and every neeedle prick hurts. However, anesthetics availiable for these procedures decrease the discomfort considerably. There is potential for development of temporary marks or bruising, and each injection can be the cause of redness, swelling or infection. It is important to follow any recommendations and instructions given by the professional administering the injection. If the doctor advises using ice after your treatment, you should not go to the sauna.

Will I need touch-ups? We are used to manicures and haircuts now and then. Radiesse will need maintenance too. How often? It depends on how fast your body absorbs Radiesse and what results you would like to maintain.

What else I should know? Remember that Radiesse is a suspension of calcium. It can be seen on X-rays and CT scans. Let your radiologist know that you had Radiesse injected to avoid confusion and concern when your X-rays are interpreted. Skilled injectors are essential to get the best aesthetic results with minimal discomfort. Feel free to take advantage of the complimentary consultation I offer. It is almost impossible to advise someone of an appropriate procedure without seeing them.

Published in the Anniversary Issue 2007 Las Vegas Now Magazine

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